Disabled Dating Tip

Online dating is the easiest way to get to know people a little before you actually take them out on a date. If you are disabled and single, you can try out www.disableddatingclub.com to see who you would really like to know more. As a guy, you might feel secure and can chat about anything, but you need to be a little more sensitive when it comes to understanding women. Create a good first impression as that might decide the future course of the relationship. Only when you see that the woman is comfortable with you, ask her out on a real date to meet. This will be very important so remember the following :

  • A good first impression is a must. You may have chatted with her for months but she is certainly going to be nervous meeting you. Choose a convenient place and dress appropriately. Remember to greet her well and not crack silly jokes on seeing her, no matter how nervous you may be feeling. It is important that you establish a comfort level at the very beginning otherwise things may get quite awkward.
  • If you bring her a thoughtful gift, it will certainly be appreciated. If you can’t, no harm done, but a gift will earn you brownie points. Disabled dating is quite unnerving for first – timers so be especially careful. You must make her feel special. Do not buy any extravagant gifts like jewelry – a pretty bunch of flowers or chocolates will do fine.
  • If the date involves spending money be sure to sort out the matter beforehand. Usually, when a man asks a woman on a date, disabled dating or not, it is expected that he will pay for it. If you would like her to pay for her half, be sure to discuss it before actually meeting. It can be very embarrassing if she does not bring money when you assumed she would and hence brought a small amount yourself.
  • Be a good talker and also listen carefully when its her turn to talk. Conversation is very important so discuss things with her. It is advisable to talk about topics which you have already spoken on while chatting on the disabled dating website. Keep it light and funny. And, let her talk also. Nobody should monopolize the conversation. Let her feel that you are the same person who she has been chatting with for so long.
  • If you like the way she looks, that’s good but don’t stare. A woman can easily understand and it makes her conscious while having doubts about your intentions. You would not like that, would you? Just compliment her once or twice and leave it at that. Disabled dating matters need to be handled with sensitivity. If she is prettier than you thought, good, but if she is not what you expected, don’t let your disappointment be apparent. Even she might or might not have liked you and she’s sitting, so should you!

Disabled dating, like any other, is a little nerve-wrecking for the first time but things will ease out as you go along. So, go ahead and enjoy yourself!



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