Disabled Singles

Online dating is a great way to find partners for disabled singles. There are both men and women who are on the lookout for a mate – for fun or for a lifelong partnership. As a woman, you might like to chat online for some time with a prospective date before actually meeting him. When you do decide to meet as many other disabled singles do, remember some key points for your dates :

  • Don’t appear insecure about anything as it is the greatest turn – off for men. If you are a little worried about your weight, looks, hair etc., don’t ask him his opinion on the matter as soon as you meet him. Questions like “Am I looking fat in this dress?” or “Is my hair looking limpy?” tends to make most guys tongue – tied and uncomfortable. This will also covey the fact that you are feeling insecure and continually seek approval.
  • Wear something appropriate and comfortable. Go light on the make – up. You should not look overly made up for a date. Your uncomfortable yet pretty shoes must not be worn. A hairstyle that does not always sit the way you would like it to, also should be avoided. You will end up fidgeting with that part of your attire or hair for the rest of the date and leave the guy feeling uncomfortable.
  • The expenses of the date should be discussed before you meet him. It is not always necessary that he must pay for the date just because he’s the guy. If you have taken that first step and asked him out as a disabled single, he may assume that you are going to pay for the entire thing. Be clear about who would be bearing the cost or if each of you would like to pay for your own share.
  • Remember not to keep on talking about yourself. Don’t go on and on about your accident, your mother, your girlfriends, how insensitive your ex-boyfriend was, the latest sale, your favorite television show, your hair problems etc. etc. Give him a chance to talk…Have a dialogue as opposed to a monologue.
  • Keep the conservation light and funny. Don’t bring your complaints and problems with you. Guys don’t like women who constantly moan and nag. Talk about topics of mutual interest.
  • Disabled singles, especially guys, can be easily put off as they feel there are many others if this one doesn’t work out. Both of you have invested time and effort and bringing up the relationship from chatting online to actually going out with each other. Don’t waste it but give it a fair chance.
  • One thing that you must remember is that you will not create a good impression if you want to show that you are one who does not eat. Guys are wary of such women, disabled singles or not. Don’t go overboard by gorging on a meal nor eat lettuce leaves only. Eat normally and sensibly.

Keep these points in mind while dating a disabled guy and things should work out without unnecessary and uncomfortable hitches. And lastly, remember the most important thing – disabled singles are just DIFFERENTLY ABLED singles so have fun!



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