Dating is hard enough without worrying about security, but has taken care of that side of things on your behalf.

There’s no need to worry about your personal details – they won’t be leaked to the public, and members won’t be able to see any information that YOU don’t want them to.

  • We won’t ever reveal your email address to other members.
  • We won’t reveal your last name to other members.
  • We comply 100% with the Data Protection Act.
  • We filter out scammers with complex technology – message and advert screening is combined with filtering IP addresses, so you can be sure that every member is 100% genuine.
  • We have system security alerts in place so anything that is reported or goes wrong is worked on and investigated right away.

We know that you want to find love, but we also know that you want to be safe as you do so. We’ve kept our end of the deal by ensuring that WE keep you safe in every step of the journey, but there are a few things YOU need to bear in mind too.

Take a look at these security tips:

When you’re signing up, don’t use your full name in your username. It’s easy to Facebook or Google-stalk someone if you have their first and last name.

Make sure that you don’t share your password, and always change it regularly. If you’re using the same computer as other people, either in your home or somewhere else (say a library), always log out properly, and UNCHECK the ‘Remember my password / details’ box. Otherwise the computer WILL remember your login details and someone else WILL be able to sign in as you.

Don’t lie. Be 100% honest. You wouldn’t appreciate it if someone were to mislead you, so don’t treat other members like that. Plus, you’re planning on finding love, aren’t you? If you lie, the people you want to meet will find out, and you’ll be left red-faced and still …. Single.

At the same time, proceed with some caution. As much as we want you to have a really good time on Disabled Dating Club, there are people out there that are not one hundred percent honest and genuine. Always have some sort of guard up and use your head – if it doesn’t feel right, or you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it. And remember to report the user to if they have done something that goes against the T&C’s of the site.

If it feels too good to be true, it might be. Passionate, whirlwind love affairs do happen, but if it’s happening after just a couple of messages, take a step back and ask yourself why.

If you are being asked for money, back away now. Back away and report the member. Don’t EVER part with any money. Contact the site immediately if you are being asked to sign up for anything else, being directed to a pay-per-view website, or are being asked for money for family emergencies / plane tickets / etc.

The Disabled Dating Club video chat rooms are uncensored. We cannot be held responsible for incidents that happen in these rooms. Keep yourself safe – don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Paid memberships are better than free memberships. Although there are manual checks performed, people are less likely to be ‘fake’ if they’ve needed to verify their information with a credit card / debit card, etc. The paid memberships give you a much higher level of protection.

Above all else, use your head. Stay safe, trust your own instincts, and if you don’t want to do whatever it is you are being asked to do, don’t do it.

Enjoy Our Site!

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