With success rates as impressive as ours, you must forgive us for boasting a little. We’ll put this in the simplest way possible – Disabled Dating Club guarantees that you will have better success finding long-lasting romances, flings, or simple friendships than you will on our competitor dating websites.

Let’s back this with some evidence.

Firstly, has been around for over TEN YEARS. We have grown in popularity, and the site has gone from strength to strength. It is now one of the fastest-growing dating sites, with more and more members signing up every day. Our technologies have come up with a simple formula for dating that actually works.

Just take a look:

“I signed up to a couple of years ago and I met Jane after about three or four months. I’d gone on a few dates but because I’m deaf, there were a lot of challenges and they didn’t materialise into relationships.

Jane has learning disabilities but we clicked as soon as she sent me that first message. We met up after three weeks, and a year later, we got married. We are currently expecting our first child and couldn’t be happier!”

  • David, 28 from Birmingham

These success stories are coming thick and fast, and not a day goes by where we don’t hear from happy customers who have found love and are now living their dream with someone special by their side.

It’s our attention to every tiny little detail that makes us stand out from the crowd, that and the efficient service and website.

“I have severe learning disabilities and I had a really hard time with a couple of the other websites I’d tried because they were too complicated. It’s not the kind of thing you want to ask for help with, is it? Not at first, anyway. I found Disabled Dating Club to be much easier to work around, and I’ve now been on the site for about six months. I’ve been on maybe six or seven dates with different girls, and I’m going on my fourth date with one girl right now, who I think could be someone special.


  • Connor, 30 from Norfolk

Things have come a long way over the last eleven years that we have been operating, and our website has kept up every step of the way, first bringing you a messaging platform, then bringing you video chats. With more and more communication option and features being added to the site, not everything needs to be done via written communication, and that can make life much easier.

“I fell in love with James almost instantly after seeing his profile page, I think, and after we started messaging each other I couldn’t wait to meet him. We were both really nervous so we decided to use video chat to have our ‘first date’. It definitely helped to break the ice and we ended up talking for over an hour that first time!”

  • Katy, 32 from Kent

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